What we offer

  • Immediate and ongoing support to bereaved parents and families who have experienced the loss of a child.
  • Free counselling services and support to anyone who has lost a child, sibling or grandchild. Our counsellors are all bereaved parents or siblings.
  • A safe haven at the TCF Centre in Highlands North where you are welcome to drop in any time from 09hoo to 13h00 Monday to Friday. We have an extensive library that you can browse and plenty of pause areas where you can read and rest. Grief can be like hard work.
  • Monthly meetings, suicide groups and coffee mornings.
  • Advice to other relatives, friends and professionals as to how to deal with those close to them who may be grieving. To this end, TCF offers support literature and gives regular talks and presentations within the community, such as at schools, hospitals, corporates, the media and other charitable organisations.


If you know of any organisation (schools, hospitals, work places) that would benefit from our services at TCF, please inform them about our work.  Often people do not know what to say or do or how they can help someone who has lost a child or a sibling.


Lay Counselling

TCF’s main function is to provide free counselling and support services to all bereaved parents, siblings or grandparents.  Lay counsellors are available for one-on-one counselling telephonically or by booking a face-to-face session held at the TCF centre in Highlands North. Contact us. Our ‘lay counsellors’ are all bereaved parents who have received training in counselling skills but do not have counselling qualifications. All TCF counsellors receive supervision from a qualified and highly experienced counsellor.


If you need a friend who will understand, call us on (011) 440-6322 Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. An after-hour number will be available if you need someone to talk to after hours.


Meetings and coffee mornings

The TCF hosts a number of regular meetings and coffee mornings at the TCF Centre in Highlands North, as well as various other venues across the city. Please either phone the office or visit our Facebook page to find out more about where and when these meetings take place.


Grandparents and siblings

Bereaved grandparents suffer a two-fold loss, comforting their own children as they themselves grieve the death of their grandchild. Grandparents are welcome to attend one-one-one counselling sessions as well as events, meetings and/or coffee mornings.


When a child has died, siblings are often referred to as "the forgotten mourners". While parents usually receive much support, siblings usually receive little – often being asked "How are your parents doing?" TCF is an organisation that is not just for bereaved parents, it is also for bereaved siblings (and grandparents). Siblings are welcome to attend one-on-one counselling sessions as well as events, meetings and/or coffee mornings.